To be part of this adventure is a real opportunity for you !

We decided to work with communication specialists to transcribe as faithfully as possible this unique expedition to the world. This team will take care of daily communication with media. In addition to this, we will create a 26 or 52 minutes documentary of this expeiditon in original way. It will also focus on the daily lives of high altitude population. In short, this is a first in the field of altitude research. 


Thanks to our communication team, it is possible to consider a strong partnership to meet your ambitions while having a real follow-up ! 

Our communication team will be present 27/7 during this adventure to follow the expédition as closely as possible ! Our desire to build a long-term relationship is also defined by communication actions conducted downstream and worked with you to ensure that nothing is a coincidence !



Such an expedition is around several hundred thousand euros to be set up. Our will : to rebuild a true open-air  laboratory in the world’s higest city to advance research, science and enable people to live better by providing logistical and material support. It’s an expédition that links science with humanity.


 These are only indicative levels that may vary depending on the type of partnership envisaged.

Collaborate to :

  • SPONSOR a unique expedition to the world
  • ASSOCIATE your image with the best international researchers
  • HAVE A DIFFERENCE IN VARIOUS DOMAINS: life in March, technological applications, humanitarian project
  • BENEFIT FROM TAX EXEMPTIONS FOR A PARTNERSHIP OR SPONSORSHIP: 60% reduction in taxes capped at 0.5% of turnover, with the possibility, if this threshold is exceeded, to carry forward the surplus for the following 5 fiscal years .


     Download the partnership file : 


Do not hesitate if you want to know more, we will respond quickly to your questions you can contact us right here!