Is a team of specialists on hypoxia, altitude and genetics which is undertaking an exceptional scientific and humanitarian expedition to the highest city of the world !


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A laboratory will be transposed in Peru to carry out high-level scientific and medical assessments.

Our research team is working with a Peruvian doctor living close to La Rinconada who is providing care. Together, we will organize the first scientific and medical expedition to this unique city during the winter of 2019.

For the first time, two groups of people of La Rinconada with and without signs of hypoxia intolerance and chronic mountain sickness will be evaluated precisely from their genetic profile to the quality of their sleep and their ability in physical effort, through their hematological, cardiovascular and cerebral features.

To carry out such assessments, a real laboratory of human physiology and biology will be transported and installed in the heart of the city of La Rinconada for several weeks with more than a dozen European scientific and medical experts carrying out scientific and medical high level evaluations.[:]