Director of Exceptional Class Research at the CNRS

After studying at universities in Iran and France (Paris and Grenoble), he obtained his doctorate in biology in 1990 in Grenoble. After a post-doctoral stay at the National Institute of Health in the USA, he joined the Inserm U309 Unit and created his team, first at CEN-G in 1992 and then at the Albert Bonniot Institute in 1995. In 2002, he was appointed Director of this Unit with four teams, until the creation of the INSERM/UJF CRI in 2007.

Since January 2016, Dr. Saadi KHOCHBIN has been in charge of the “Signaling and Chromatin” department at the IAB and leads his own team on “Epigenetics and Cell Signaling”. Dr. KHOCHBIN was awarded the CNRS silver medal in October 2014.

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